Add Special Event/Calendar Lines


Add custom calendar items to your Weekly Communicator or Grade Reporter envelopes. This is an add-on, not a specific product, you must purchase the Weekly Communicator or Grade Reporter separately. Calendar items are lines of text which are commonly used to list school holidays, PTA meetings, fundraising events, etc. You supply the information for us to typeset and arrange on your envelope design. The price is per line of text, not per envelope. For example, if you want to list 5 school holidays, you will pay for 5 lines of text, regardless of the quantity of envelopes.

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Proof: Once we receive your order we will email you to collect the information needed to set up your proof. You may also email this information immediately after completing your order.

Character Count: The number of characters per line varies. Your font choice, font size, and envelope size will affect the number of characters per line. During the design process, we can assist you in choosing the best font and size for readability in the finished product.




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