COVID-19 Update: We are still taking orders for Weekly Communicator Envelopes, Student Assignment Books and other products for the 2020-2021 school term.

Safe handling procedures are in place. Staff wear medical gloves and a mask when handling materials. All orders are isolated for two days prior to shipping.

Did you know? Our unique Tyvek envelope material is durable, waterproof and can be sprayed with disinfectants containging 10% bleach, Lysol and isopropyl alcohol to sanitize.  


Parent/family involvement directly influences the child’s success in school.

Educators are faced with over-involved and under-involved parents and have to find solutions to effectively manage both. Do your parents know what is expected of them? Are you clearly explaining how much (or how little) time and effort is needed to meet your expectations?

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Don’t Pay Anything to Improve Parent Involvement!

 Use local advertising to work for your school!

Find out how to use advertisements from local businesses to pay for your school’s Weekly Communicator Envelopes. Click here for the downloadable pdf or check¬†out the “shop” page for our guide available in print.